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Audio Visual

Boston Sound and Light Company is a leading audio visual company.  We partner with some of the industry's best event planners and venues providing them the technology and the service to meet their client's vision.  

Dance Floor & Dance Floor Wraps

Starlit Floors: $2800 to $4000+

Vinyl Decals:  $1200 to $4000+

Full Vinyl White wrapping: $2k - $4k+

Full Design wrapping:  $3k+

Size of dance floors, venue load in situations, time for setup and teardown all factor into the pricing of the options listed above. 

We offer a Black or White LED starlit dance floor up to 32ft x 32ft. 

Perimeter Ballroom Lighting


$1200 for a single color set up in a single ballroom without any change in color.  Delivery, setup and takeaway.  No onsite tech. 


+ $800 for an onsite tech for 4 hours ($125 each additional hr) to operate lights with DMX to change throughout program.

Pinspot Lighting

Pinspot Lighting 

Pinspot lighting provides a pin of light directed at a subject.  Imagine investing in amazing centerpieces or a 3 tiered cake, and these beautiful creations get lost into the rest of the ambiance?  Preferably, you would want them to "pop", and Pinspot lighting provide just that.  

Pinspot lights are battery powered lights that are installed wirelessly clamping to existing parts of the ceiling or wall infrastructure.  Where there are no areas of installation, lighting trees can be brought in for mounting them. 


$40/pin + $150-$300 for installation based on complexity of install. 

$15 for lighting trees where applicable.

Pattern Textured Lighting & Monograms and Gobos

Pattern Textured Lighting 

Pattern lighting provides a subtle texture on the walls or flooring of your event ballroom.  Patterns can be customized to your theme.  

Gobo monograms and names are also considered a pattern lighting.


$100/Light with existing patterns. 

$20-$400 for each custom plate

$150-300 required for installation based on complexity.

Paisley, heart, star and many more breakup patterns available.   Custom plates vary based on design, plate type, and color.  Custom plates are created by a third party to the size of our lights.  BSL is dependent on production and delivery times of the third party.