Burlington Marriott Weddings & Events

Located only minutes away from the heart of Boston, and on the intersection of Interstate 95, 93 and route 3, the Burlington Marriott is an amazing venue that can accommodate a large number of people.   This venue has dominated the Indian Industry for nearly two decades, and has been the host of many community events, including the areas only bridal shows.  Burlington Marriott remains one of our favorites.

Shreni and Sunny

When an industry gorgeous contacts you to plan her dream wedding, you don't need to ask us twice.  Meet Shreni Patel, make up artist extraordinaire.  Some of you may know her, but if you don't, she is our fashionista sista who manages the hair and makeup for some of the biggest names in NYC, including that of Kanye West, John Legend and so many more.  This is a story of Shreni meeting Sunny, of whom she has known through her temple, but never imagined getting married.  But you go where the wind blows, and that's where our handsome groom is from, the windy city, Chicago.  Beantown meets chi-town!  (PC:  Ptaufiq Photography | Venue: Burlington Boston Marriott)

Luky and Jaimini

Luky gave one phone call to DJ Yogz and didn't really give him an option.  Luky told him he wanted to make sure DJ Yogz and DJ Dee were doing his wedding on Labor Day 2018.  And so, we dropped everything we had, and made sure this 2 day wedding was one for the ages.  This wedding featured 3 different setups with 3 different color schemes, blue for the garba, red for the ceremony and magenta for the reception.  BSL created 3 custom gobos for each event, as well as laid out the White Starlit LED floor (which remained packed the whole night).   Check out Luky and Jaimini's 2 day labor day thrown down at our favorite, Burlington Marriott with photos from our friends at PTaufiq.

Patrick and Sonia

When a Frenchman marries a Gujrati, you know that two worlds will unite in a fashionable way.  The challenges in blending two different cultures, two different genres, and two different languages were the obvious.  But there isn't a single challenge that BSL is not up for.  In fact, when we first met Patrick and Sonia at our office, we nearly pleaded for them to hire us because it is in this complexity that drives us.  Here is to Patrick and Sonia; C'est la vie.  PC:  Ptaufiq Photography, Venue:  Burlington Marriott

Peter and Avni

This fusion wedding was that of a beautiful bride, Avni (Gujrati) and groom, Peter of whom is a big fan of music. Peter was very specific in the type of music and blends he wanted for his 2 day wedding.  The first night consisted of a garba.  We surprised the couple with dandia sticks and encouraged both crowds to engage in rounds of garba and dandia raps.   Peter had insisted that he probably wouldn't dance during the baraat, but if you hire BSL, you know that you will automatically end up jamming out with us.   PC:  Fern and Feather, Venue: Burlington Marriott.

Amrita & Karthish

When the entire New England Indian community knows you, its hard not to want to host a "throw down" of a party.  Meet Amrita, the daughter of Ranjani and Anil Saigal of whom are prominent in the community service and media space all over New England.  Karthish certainly held his own in this popularity contest as he finagled his MIT influence by making sure they were far away from Amrita's Harvard University and made sure the sangeet was held at the Sangberg ballroom on the MIT campus.  Amrita's dream was to not have your typical celebration.  In fact, she wants a bride and groom baraat the day of the sangeet.  The gorgeous wedding day was held at the Burlington Marriott.  Check out these amazing pics from our friends at Ptaufiq Photography.

Tina and Ankur

Over a year prior to their wedding, the groom, Ankur has reached out the BSL.  It just so happened that we confused Ankur for another couple of whose bride shared the same first name, and the same wedding date.  He became awfully concerned when he learned that he may not get our booking and before he put down the phone a contract was already in place and we were committed to Ankur.   Talk about commitment!  We know Tina is in amazing hands, but moreso Ankur himself is a lucky man to have found such a smart and beautiful bride.  This wedding featured a 2 day event with an absolute throwdown at the Garba.  We had Amitab Bachan with us (ok, he was a fake, but man did he fit the part), and we rocked a Bachan version of Garba just to meet the theme.  The next day we crushed the baraat, and fast forwarding to the reception... Well just watch the trailer above from our friends at Films with Heart. 

We Like to Light it up!

One of our most popular services at the Burlington Marriott is to provide lighting services for all types of events in their Ballrooms.  Whether you are hosting a wedding, birthday, or a Mitzvah, we carry all of your lighting needs.   Our LED technology (as described in our lighting webpage) can be configured to literally any color you can dream of.    If you are working within a theme, we can offer you pattern work to be projected on the walls or on the floor.   Please check out some of our work below. 

Keerthana and Vijay

Vijay has always been a fan of BSL.  He followed DJ Dee on Soundcloud, so when it came to his wedding there was no suprise that we were one of the first vendors booked.  You see, Vijay is from Jamaica with South Indian roots, and Keerthana's family is traditional South Indian Tamil.  His requirement was of a DJ who can play a reggae vibe, but still keep the authenticity of Indian music.  Without blinking, Vijay signed a contract with DJ Dee as the lead.  DJ Krups tagged with DJ Dee for this amazing wedding.  How did we do?  A few months later we host our own club night, the first two people who bought entry tickets to the show, were this amazing couple.  Enjoy the amazing pics below from the amazing Thuy Pham from Fern and Feather Studios.

Frank and Seema, the Garba

What happens when you combine a Pharmacist and  Businessman madly in love? A chemical reaction of AWESOMENESS! Seema and Frank, or Freema as we like to call them wedding festivities kicked off with an 850 person Garba – Yes, we wrote 850!  It was nonstop dancing, craziness and everything you would have expected (and some) from #Freema2015.  Guests danced the evening away and took breaks only to explore the 16 food stations provided by Rasoi.  The décor (Alankar) and lighting (Boston Sound and Light) created a colorful ambiance mixing traditional with modern at the Burlington Marriott.  Check out these amazing photos from our bud Thuy Pham from Fern and Feather studios.

Jemini and Jason

When it comes to Malyanan weddings, this was one of our firsts several years ago at the gorgeous Burlington Marriott.  Jason and Jemini got married at the church but then had an absolute dinner and dance party at the Burlington Marriott.  Our previous company, Pink Lotus Events had planned this event, and DJ Yogz and DJ Dee rocked it.  Check out the highlight reel above, and picture slideshow below from our friend, Binita Patel.