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Newport R.I. Weddings & Events

Nestled between two big wedding markets in Boston and NYC is another big market in its own right, Newport R.I.   When couples want their weddings on the water, with the nostalgic feel of New England there is no better spot that this coastline of the smallest state in our nation.   Couples can rent out a mansion, or take advantage of luxurious hotels right on  the water, all of which has an amazing view of the Newport Bridge.  Check out some of Boston Sound and Light Company's work in this amazing city!

Newport Weddings

Newport Weddings

Isha and Joey  @ Newport Marriott

Joey is a fisherman, and wanted to make sure there was some element of boating in his Newport Marriott wedding to Isha.   And so we had Dholi Ravi accompany him and his groomsmen on a boat to lead the baraat of which carried over onto the streets of Newport.  We had incoming traffic, including the Police detail rocking out with us to the point where the groom nearly passed out from exhaustion.  Sorry!  But luckily we helped cool him down, get through the amazing ceremony, and the reception that featured our Mirror Booth, LED Dancefloor, lighting and of course the best music in the business.   The sangeet was held at the Newport Yacht Club.  See the amazing highlight from Films With Heart above, and gorgeous pictures by Photos by Nitin below.

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Pooja and Robert  @ Belle Mer

Pooja had reached out to Boston Sound and Light Company nearly 2 years prior to her wedding, and while we had no connection to Pooja, we consider her and her husband Robert as part of our family!  Soon after the wedding, we have been involved in every celebration of their family.  Check out this amazing wedding at the Belle Mer on Goat Island.  We had our dhol player on the boat with the groom and his groomsmen party it up, then carried the baraat through the parking with our Baraat SUV.  The ceremony took place on the lawn, and then we continued into the reception where we projected an awesome gobo right after the fireplace.  If you go visit the Belle Mer, be certain that Artistic Wedding Film's award winning highlight of this wedding will be presented.  Photos from Symbol Photography from the same wedding below.

Shefali and Rohit @ Rosecliff, Gurneys and Belle Mer

Some only have the luxury to host one of their events in Newport, Shefali and Rohit hosted their entire wedding celebration in Newport, R.I.   Check out Joseph Minasi Film's amazing capture of this Platinum wedding.  The sangeet was held at the Rosecliff.  The baraat and ceremony at Gurneys, and the reception at the Belle Mer.

Belle Mer Gujrati Wedding

Truth of the matter is, when we originally spoke with Pooja Shah regarding her wedding, we lost the booking to a bargain DJ.  A few weeks before the wedding, her DJ decided to bait and switch and send some kid to DJ the wedding.  Pooja desperately called us to help save her wedding, and of course we did.   This wedding was held at the prestigious Belle Mer in Newport, RI.  There were several delays for a variety of reasons, but nobody noticed as we simply covered it up with music.  The baraat was nearly 2 hours long as the ceremony was still being set up.  The reception was a fusion of everything you can think of.  And in the end, we made two amazing friends who support us blindly now.

Tesha and David @ Castle Hill

Tesha and David are both Trinandian, and while they wanted Bollywood music, they wanted to make sure that our Indian repertoire included some Indian island Chutney and Soca  Instead of trying to summarize this wedding, just read what Tesha wrote about us on The Knot about their amazing wedding at Newport's Castle Hill.  Slideshow above by Binita Patel Photography.

BSL Mirror Photo Booth

LED Dance Floor

Pinspot Lights

Dry Ice Effects

Tuk Tuk Rickshaw

Imagine the following at your Wedding!!!

other cool weddings
The "Wedding Wire" Wedding

One of our proudest "fusion" weddings was that of Sonny and Megan's in Charlottesville, Virginia.   Have you ever been on that website,   In fact, we have our own reviews of BSL on it.  Check out our reviews here.   What you may not know is that one of the founders of Wedding Wire is in fact the groom from this video, Sonny Ganguly (he is currently the CMO of WW, click here to learn more about the WW team).   While quite a few DJs and vendors pride themselves on amazing reviews, we were picked by Sonny to DJ his wedding among all the DJs he has access to!  Pics from this wedding available here, day 1, day 2.

The "Meet The Patels" Wedding

Ravi and Mahaley  Charlotte, NC

aka. The "Meet the patels" wedding!

If you haven't yet checked out the Hollywood hit, "Meet the Patels" (imdb), you have gots to!   This movie is a real life documentary centered around the lead star Ravi Patel and his Indian / American influences on the concept of marriage.   Not to spoil the ending, but Ravi doesn't end up with the same girl in real life, as we had the opportunity to ROCK his wedding to Mahaley in Charlotte, NC.    This wedding featured a Gujrati garba night, a baraat, a fusioned ceremony, and a Top 40, Bollywood, Rock filled type of a party at the reception. 

Priyanka and Mark @ Belle Mer

Throughout the booking process we worked with Sumala aunty, the bride's beautiful mother.  For nearly two years, and numerous in person meetings, at their house in Connecticut, at the Belle Mer, stop overs to and from family visits in NJ, BSL was vested in making Priyanka and Mark's fusion celebration one for the ages.  After all of the interaction, it truly felt as if we were servicing our own sister's wedding.  In fact, there was one meeting after having done a wedding in New Jersey where 5 team members sat at their kitchen table designing their wedding as Sumala aunty continued to feed all of us.  The most memorable thing from this wedding were Mark's concerns of what to expect from the baraat.  We ended up contracting a dhol player to play for 5 minutes, and the baraat turned into a 45 minute party!  The highlight film by Films with Heart is password protected, but if you are curious contact us and we can arrange a showing.  Here is the link to the highlight. 

Nima and Sagar @ Newport Hyatt ( Gurneys)

There are several storylines in Nima and Sagar's celebration at the old Newport Hyatt, now under new ownership, Gurneys, although the same historic lighthouse still remains in their backyard.  Sagar, a hardcore Chicago Cubs fan, marrying Nima and true New Englander at heart were at odds in their specific requirements of this wedding.  Nima, Top 40 and Bollywood.  Sagar, house music and more house music, and if there was time, more house music.  Nima, Red Sox.  Sagar, the Cubs!   But one thing that was common is that, this had to be one crazy party.  Check out our amazing uplighting, gobo, white dance floor, and the baraat that featured a Lamborghini.  Highlight above from Binita Patel Photography.  Photos below from Symbol Photography.   Read all about this wedding on Newport Wedding Glam.

Shreya & Howard @ Belle Mer, Newport Marriott

Years before Shreya and Howard's Hindu and Jewish Newport extravaganza, we met Shreya at her friend's wedding at the Boston Park Plaza.  She knew right away that when she got married, BSL would be the team to rock her special weekend.  Not only did she put her faith in us for entertainment, but she also hired our wedding planning agency, Mint To Be Events.  Check out these amazing pictures from Move Mountain Co Photography from this awesome wedding.  The sangeet was held at the Newport Marriott, and the wedding day held at the Belle Mer.

Sushma & Joshua @ Ocean Cliff

BSL had performed Sushma, our gorgeous bride's brother's wedding the year before, and that's when we first met both Joshua and Sushma.  It was almost love at first sight, and we aren't talking between them two, we are talking about the love between us and them.  A couple months after we had met, we scheduled an appointment in our office and Joshua simply made a list of what he envisioned and suggested, "Yogi, just make it happen, we blindly trust you".  And so we did.  Check out these amazing pictures from our friend David Tucker and the celebration at the gorgeous Ocean Cliff. 

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