Danversport Weddings & Events

Anytime a bride comes to us wanting a venue that is not a "box", that has a ton of windows, and is by the water, there is no better option than that of the Danversport Yacht Club.  Located just 40 minutes north of Boston, and with its large, renovated grand ballroom, this venue is a bride favorite in wanting the atypical and luxury all at the same time.   Check out some of the weddings BSL has serviced at this gorgeous venue.

Shelley and Priyal

This love story between Shelley and Priyal was one we instantly fell in love with.  It was our very first meeting at our office in Billerica where we kicked off our ideas for this crazy celebration.  From live tabla players during the ceremony, to Bollywood dance rehearsals, to a packed floor both at the sangeet night at the Sheraton in Peabody, and the dance session at the Danversport Yacht Club, this party was one for the ages.  Check out the amazing vid above and pictures below from this wedding from our dear friends at PTaufiq Photography.

We Like to Light it up!

One of our most popular services at the Danversport Yacht Club is to provide lighting services for all types of events in their Ballrooms.  Whether you are hosting a wedding, birthday, or a Mitvah, we carry all of your lighting needs.   Our LED technology (as described in our lighting webpage) can be configured to literally any color you can dream of.    If you are working within a theme, we can offer you pattern work to be projected on the walls or on the floor.   Please check out some of our work below. 

You can upgrade your lighting package to include an onsite tech which will allow you to change the lighting themes throughout the course of the night.   Here is a time lapse video of us setting up uplights in their gorgeous ballroom

Raghav and Megan

Ever since we did his sister's wedding, Raghav had nearly promised BSL that we would be doing his wedding.  And when he proposed to Megan, we were one of the first phone calls he made.  This was well before they had even selected a venue, and it was through our conversations about music and planning did we put them in touch with the Danversport Yacht Club, and then rest was history. Check out these amazing pics of Raghav and Megan's amazing wedding from our friend, Greg Brett from Greg Brett Photography.

Ahilya and Drew

In 2017, Ahilya and Drew's was one of the biggest weddings for us.  Not because of the requirement, but rather because of the promise we gave to this couple in how amazing their wedding will be.   This two day celebration started in Peabody, Mass for a Bride side Mehendi, then continued on the Boston Harbor on a Seaport Cruiseliner, and then finally we had two ceremonies (including an onslaught of a baraat), and a gorgeous reception.  Check out the vid and pics from our friend Nabil Kapasi from The Wedding Story.

Humara and Brad

Humara, the bride was once a wedding planner, and so her approach to weddings was very particular.   It took one conversation with Humara and Brad for all of us to understand this was going to be a perfect match.  And boy was it!  In this mixed Muslim, American, young, old combination, we had to make sure everybody was happy.  There was a moment during the pre-reception photo shoot where Humara's father comes up to us and hands us a USB drive.  His words were, I like old music with meaning.  DJ Yogz simply asked him for an example song, ignoring his USB.   And while the photoshoot was going on, we kept playing classic Bollywood tunes from his era only to get thumbs ups as each song transitioned to the next.  We also brought out our cool LED sofas for the kids area for this one. Check out these awesome pics from our awesome photographer friend, Thuy Pham of this amazing fusion wedding at the Danversport Yacht Club

Ayesha and Uzaib

Ayesha and Uzaib hosted their gorgeous walima at the Danversport Yacht club.  While the walima was not suppose to consist of any dancing, as that was supposed to be all said and done the night before at the Doubletree in Danvers, the Danversport party turned out to be lit in its own right.  Check out some of the pics below.  And you can read the full blog from the photographer, Jashim Jalal here.

Hardik & Nilam

Harry (Hardik), the groom, is from Boston. Nilam, from Atlanta.  So when it was decided that the wedding was going to happen in Atlanta and handled by the bride side, Harry was adamant that the reception be thrown up North in Boston, and with only one DJ option, Boston Sound and Light Company.  The goal wasn't to be better than the Atlanta DJ (and we know them well, and respect them fully), but it is always to throw one amazing throwdown of a party, as we did.   We apologize for the caterer for this one, as we can't recall if anybody ever ate.  In fact, there is an I.O.U. to the bride until this day as we owe her a trip to a breakfast place as she was starving that night with no Waffle House to be found.  Check out the highlight video above from our friends at Memories Studios in NJ.

Ahmed and Zahra

In this Pakistani and Persian fairytale, our team was challenged to bring all different types of genres together.  The first night, the mehendi, was hosted at the Boxboro Regency hotel.  The walima, of which was supposed to be lower key at the Danversport Yacht Club.  However, when you have Boston Sound and Light Company at the helm of the entertainment, you know it's going to be a party.  Check out Christian Pleva's image slideshow from the Danversport Ceremony above.