Boston Sound and Light Company offers 40 LED uplights for a flat rate of $800 (wireless extra), including delivery, setup and takeaway.  We are able to offer ultimately any color by matching the RGB of your desired color.  Just take a look at the gallery below.



BSL also offers customized gobos.  Think of a gobo like a stencil that is put in front of a light source, like when Gotham is in trouble and Batman is called upon to save the day.  Depending on how intricate your design, some gobos can be made of steel (cheaper) and some gobos are made of glass (a bit more expensive). Browse through below and see different examples of gobos!


While decorations can be costly when planning an event, a cost effective and cool way to jazz up your entire party is to project patterns on the wall.  The technology is the same as a gobo, but rather than projecting names, BSL would project different patterns on the wall to change the entire look of your event.