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Hyatt Regency Cambridge
Hyatt Regency Cambridge
Hyatt Regency Cambridge
Hyatt Regency Cambridge
Hyatt Regency Cambridge
Hyatt Regency Cambridge

Cambridge Hyatt Weddings & Events

As with the Jersey City Hyatt in New Jersey, the Cambridge Hyatt is a nestled secret. Why?  Most often when our brides want to get married in Boston, they forget the fact that they are living through the beauty of Boston.  At the Cambridge Hyatt, while you may not be in the heart of the city, you can see the entire beautiful Boston skyline as your natural backdrop, similar to that of the New York skyline from the Jersey City Hyatt. 

We Like to Light it up!

One of our most popular services at the Cambridge Hyatt is to provide lighting services for all types of events in their Ballrooms.  Whether you are hosting a wedding, birthday, or a Mitvah, we carry all of your lighting needs.   Our LED technology (as described in our lighting webpage) can be configured to literally any color you can dream of.    If you are working within a theme, we can offer you pattern work to be projected on the walls or on the floor.   Please check out some of our work below. 

You can upgrade your lighting package to include an onsite tech which will allow you to change the lighting themes throughout the course of the night.  

Sunny and Deepika

Sunny and Deepika, Cambridge, MA.  Film by Jeffrey Ryan

There are no better words than a review from the bride and groom on this one.  Here is what Deepika had to say about our DJ Krups.  "Krupal was fantastic!  I (the bride) had learned of DJ Krups 4 years prior, when he DJ'd my brother's wedding reception.  He did a great job there so I decided to go with him again.  DJ Krups was quite organized and knowledgeable from the start.  He scheduled a call with me early on to learn what type of music we like and to walk me through what he saw as a workable schedule of events for the reception.  DJ Krups DJ'd both our Sangeet party on Friday night and our wedding reception on Saturday night.  My husband (the groom) had sent DJ Krups a long list of songs we liked, and Krupal managed to play most of them.  He has a huge and extensive library of songs.  He communicated with us throughout the night, and even ended up lining my party up for introductions.  All in all he did a fabulous job.  Our guests were partying all night long on both nights and we got a lot of compliments about DJ Krups' skills.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Krupal for any event requiring a DJ in the future."

Bengali Mein Kehte Hain "I Love You"

Sharada and Billy's two day celebration was one fusion throw down were are so excited to be part of.  Billy and his family welcomed traditional Bengali traditions, and engaged in all the activities with a ton of enthusiasm.  The first day of celebrations included an American officiant led ceremony, and a reception that didn't feature a single Indian song.  For the second day, we shut down the historic Memorial Drive for the baraat and infused the reception with a blend of everything you can think of.  Check out Billy and Sharada's wedding in the video above.  Pictures below from Dyuti Majumdar from Arts and Memories.

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