Fusion Mixed Weddings

Of the 150+ events BSL performs every year, over half of the weddings we service are of a fusion; as in some part Indian, some parts not.  The reason for our popularity is in our ability to engage all backgrounds with our blend of music.  Check out some content from some of our amazing vendor friends represent the best Indian photographer and videographers in Boston and beyond. 

The "Wedding Wire" Wedding

One of our proudest "fusion" weddings was that of Sonny and Megan's in Charlottesville, Virginia.   Have you ever been on that website, WeddingWire.com?   In fact, we have our own reviews of BSL on it.  Check out our reviews here.   What you may not know is that one of the founders of Wedding Wire is in fact the groom from this video, Sonny Ganguly (he is currently the CMO of WW, click here to learn more about the WW team).   While quite a few DJs and vendors pride themselves on amazing reviews, we were picked by Sonny to DJ his wedding among all the DJs he has access to!  Pics from this wedding available here, day 1, day 2.

The "Meet The Patels" Wedding

Ravi and Mahaley  Charlotte, NC

aka. The "Meet the patels" wedding!

If you haven't yet checked out the Hollywood hit, "Meet the Patels" (imdb), you have gots to!   This movie is a real life documentary centered around the lead star Ravi Patel and his Indian / American influences on the concept of marriage.   Not to spoil the ending, but Ravi doesn't end up with the same girl in real life, as we had the opportunity to ROCK his wedding to Mahaley in Charlotte, NC.    This wedding featured a Gujrati garba night, a baraat, a fusioned ceremony, and a Top 40, Bollywood, Rock filled type of a party at the reception. 


There is a clear reason why we travel the world and do so many fusion weddings; the fact is that we can play any genre of music and infused them to make sure the crowd is consistently rocking.  It should then be no surprise that if celebrities like Sonny Ganguly and Ravi Patel trust their wedding with BSL, hundreds of other couples so will too!

Standford Pitches his love

Elizabeth and Sahil, Boston, MA.  Film by Harris Company

While we compete with the likes of 6 Indian based DJs across the United States, our home base is certainly our beloved New England.  This story above is about a former star pitcher from Stanford, Sahil and the love of his life Elizabeth and their celebration at the gorgeous Fairmont Copley hotel.   This wedding was predominantly a Jewish-based celebration, particularly because Elizabeth is 100% Jewish, and Sahil is half Jewish (his father) and half Indian (his mom).   His Indian roots, and primarily at the wishes of his mother, they wanted to retain some of the ethnic culture into the celebration, and decided to instill it with music.  You can find pictures from their wedding here

Monday Fusion Wedding?  No problem

If you are not part of the Indian side of the equation, don't worry!  We play anything you can think of.  But more importantly, we are culturally aware of how to strike a balance.  An Indian wedding typically starts with a baraat.  Take a look at the blog from Renuka and Don's wedding, and see how crazy Don's family got during the baraat. And for the record, this wedding was on a Monday, and the baraat started at 9 in the morning in 15 degree weather.  This wedding also featured our amazing Mirror Me Photo Booth with custom Bollywood props.  The amazing photographer for this wedding was our good friend Dyuti Majumdar from Arts and Memories. Also check out the amazing highlight vid from our friends at Films with Heart:   The blog can be found here.

Love Solves All Differences

While BSL has performed a number of luxurious weddings at the Taj,  one that we are awfully proud of is of Pavana and Gabriel.   The pride is not that this is a same sex wedding, in fact this is the first male Indian based same sex wedding in Massachusetts.  The pride is rather in that our music help alleviate cultural differences.   There was fear that Pavana's father wouldn't come to the wedding.   There was fear that there wouldn't be a priest to conduct the Hindu Ceremony.  There was fear nobody got up to dance!  Not only did the dad dance, the shenai was played, and everybody had the time of their lives!  Read the full blog here.

Photos by Thuy Pham Photography

Baraat Jitters

When you want to count nerves, you be shocked to understand how nervous this couple was if you actually watched this highlight film.  Priyanka and Mark mistakened the word "fusion" for "confusion" and feared that the drastic differences in culture would spell disaster in entertaining their friends and family.   Specifically, we had several conversations with Mark of whom was worried about what was expected from him and his family at the baraat.  We settled on just a dhol player leading a procession for 10 minutes.  What transpired was a surprise of live djing and about 45 minutes of dancing that NOBODY (but us) expected. 

Bengali Mein Kehte Hain "I Love You"

Sharada and Billy's two day celebration was one fusion throw down were are so excited to be part of.  Billy and his family welcomed traditional Bengali traditions, and engaged in all the activities with a ton of enthusiasm.  The first day of celebrations included an American officiant led ceremony, and a reception that didn't feature a single Indian song.  For the second day, we shut down the historic Memorial Drive for the baraat and infused the reception with a blend of everything you can think of.  Check out Billy and Sharada's wedding in the video above.  Pictures below from Dyuti Majumdar from Arts and Memories.

View full album from Day 1.   View full album from Day 2.

No Speak Americano

When you envision a Patel family getting married to an Italian family, you can only imagine what the dance party is going to look like.  If you can't imagine it, check out Pooja and Robert's gorgeous 2 day wedding in Newport, RI.   As with most Gujrati traditions, the sangeet typically has a garba.  Minutes before the garba DJ Yogz steps outside with Robert teaching him a couple of garba dance moves to make sure he doesn't miss a step on his special day.  Fast forward to the reception and you will see how BSL engaged the young, the old, the Indian and not, all together, all in sync, all in a fusion.

Jhilam and Danny

Check out Jhilam and Danny's beautiful Jewish and Bengali wedding at the Mechanics Hall in Worcester, Massachusetts.  It's only fitting that this couple chose this amazing venue, as the bride herself is a singer.  Danny's didn't let down either as he showed off his amazing dancing skills in a choreographed dance.  This wedding was featured in the Boston Magazine and the Jewish Journal.  Check out the amazing photos from our friend David Tucker on this one.

Raj and Melissa

When two scientists from MIT fall in love, you know they will want to party it up in style, with dinosaurs of course at Boston's Museum of Science.  Meet Raj, a Bengali, and Melissa, a non-Indian take the plunge together (well sorta, as the baraat started on a duck boat) at this gorgeous venue.   The ceremony was held outside, where aunties greeted the groom by playing the conch shell in full Bengali tradition.   The reception was in the main gallery of the museum.  The event was planned by BSL's former rendition of planning services, Pink Lotus Events, and taken by our-then business partner, Binita Patel Photography.  Check out the highlight and photos from Binita.

Farha & Stevon

The mother of the bride, Mariam Sandhu called BSL nearly a year in advance of the wedding.  She called us on Whatsapp, explaining that she was planning her daughter's wedding and reception, to a French man from Goa, India.  At first this almost sounded like a prank call, but then I confirmed with other vendor peers that this client actually did exist.   Over the period of the year, I would be texting "Mariam aunty" in the wee hours of the middle of the night ensuring that everything will be ok, and that her daughter Farha (who is half Muslim and half Sikh) will have the wedding and celebrations of her dreams to Stevon, a handsome Christian.  The beauty of this wedding, was the it didn't disregard religion, it embraced nearly ALL of them!  And boy did the couple look the part of Majesty.  Check out these amazing pics below, from my bud, Thuy Pham from Thuy Pham photography and a kind review by the mother of the bride herself. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 12.57.20 AM.pn
Megan and Sree  - (Tamil & American)

When an Irish meets an Indian, you know it's going to be one hec of a party.  This wedding was a fusion within a fusion.  South Indians typically do not do baraats, but Sree was adamant to show his Irish future that Indians can party too.  Check out the gorgeous highlight from Long Haul Films above, and pictures from Symbol Photography below.

Kate and Rahim

This two day fusion wedding focuses in on the love between two people, from two different cultures.  Meet Kate and Rahim!  Kate is our gorgeous American bride, and Rahim is our Pakistani prince.  This wedding was one drafted in dreams and put in play by our awesome team, DJ Jay T and Dholi Ravi.  The sangeet night was held overlooking the colonial streets of Boston as the State Room, and the wedding day was hosted at prestigious Fairmont Copley.