Muslim South Asian Weddings

All South Asian weddings are different in traditions, culture and religion.  Boston Sound and Light Company is the leader in entertainment within the Muslim market.  We understand the regional differences of how music can play a role in events, and strike a balance between pleasing the crowd and adhering to customs. 

Afra and Ali

The common joke was, Ali would never smile, almost as stern of a Raja from the Moghul empire, but behind his straight shooting facade was a heart warming person.  There was no surprise that Afra, his queen chose him to spend the rest of her life with him.  Afra in her own right is more beautiful than the Taj Mahal.  This couple exudes beauty, and wanted no less in their execution of their events.  Check out the Walima reception, with rose pink uplighting at the amazing Fairmont Copley!  Video above by Latimer Studios.  Pics below by Jashim Jalal Photography.

Shabnam and Rezwan

Check out Shabnam and Rewan's beautiful Bengali Muslim throw down.   This wedding featured a 2 day wedding at the gorgeous Lantana Banquet facility in Randolph, MA.  Shabnam wanted to redefine what love, religion and dance meant for her friends and family.  During the Holud, there wasn't a single soul sitting, and we literally had to move tables for people to rock out.  Day 2 featured our amazing blue uplighting, customized gobo, the Mirror Photo Booth, dancing on the clouds, and nonstop dancing the entire night.  Check out the video above from our friends at Memories (Mayank Patel, NJ).

Humara and Brad

Humara, the bride was once a wedding planner, and so her approach to weddings was very particular.   It took one conversation with Humara and Brad for all of us to understand this was going to be a perfect match.  And boy was it!  In this mixed Muslim, American, young, old combination, we had to make sure everybody was happy.  There was a moment during the pre-reception photo shoot where Humara's father comes up to us and hands us a USB drive.  His words were, I like old music with meaning.  DJ Yogz simply asked him for an example song, ignoring his USB.   And while the photoshoot was going on, we kept playing classic Bollywood tunes from his era only to get thumbs ups as each song transitioned to the next.  We also brought out our cool LED sofas for the kids area for this one. Check out these awesome pics from our awesome photographer friend, Thuy Pham of this amazing fusion wedding at the Danversport Yacht Club

Ayesha and Uzaib

Ayesha and Uzaib hosted their gorgeous walima at the Danversport Yacht club.  While the walima was not suppose to consist of any dancing, as that was supposed to be all said and done the night before at the Doubletree in Danvers, the Danversport party turned out to be lit in its own right.  Check out some of the pics below.  And you can read the full blog from the photographer, Jashim Jalal here.

Saira and Usman

In this Pakistani wedding, we were told that the families were too conservative and would not dance.  Check out pics from Binita Patel photography below and let us prove to you and them otherwise.  This beautiful wedding was held at the Taj Boston.  The full article on South Asian Bride is located here.

Photos by Binita Patel Photography

BSL Mirror Photo Booth

LED Dance Floor

Pinspot Lights

Dry Ice Effects

Tuk Tuk Rickshaw

Imagine the following at your Wedding!!!

other cool weddings
The "Wedding Wire" Wedding

One of our proudest "fusion" weddings was that of Sonny and Megan's in Charlottesville, Virginia.   Have you ever been on that website,   In fact, we have our own reviews of BSL on it.  Check out our reviews here.   What you may not know is that one of the founders of Wedding Wire is in fact the groom from this video, Sonny Ganguly (he is currently the CMO of WW, click here to learn more about the WW team).   While quite a few DJs and vendors pride themselves on amazing reviews, we were picked by Sonny to DJ his wedding among all the DJs he has access to!  Pics from this wedding available here, day 1, day 2.

Aezaz and Nadiya

This wedding was of Aezan and Nadiya at the Greek Hellenic Hall of Watertown.  This family observed Gujrati Muslim traditions, while conservative, they still knew exactly how to boogie on down and redefine what a celebration should be.  Check out this amazing vid by Patrik Kisucky from Films With Heart.

Zarah and Hassan

We had a pleasure to service another beautiful Pakistani wedding of Zarah and Hassan at the Fairmont Copley.  Check out some pictures from their wedding.  You can read their article here.

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Farha & Stevon

The mother of the bride, Mariam Sandhu called BSL nearly a year in advance of the wedding.  She called us on Whatsapp, explaining that she was planning her daughter's wedding and reception, to a French man from Goa, India.  At first this almost sounded like a prank call, but then I confirmed with other vendor peers that this client actually did exist.   Over the period of the year, I would be texting "Mariam aunty" in the wee hours of the middle of the night ensuring that everything will be ok, and that her daughter Farha (who is half Muslim and half Sikh) will have the wedding and celebrations of her dreams to Stevon, a handsome Christian.  The beauty of this wedding, was the it didn't disregard religion, it embraced nearly ALL of them!  And boy did the couple look the part of Majesty.  Check out these amazing pics below, from my bud, Thuy Pham from Thuy Pham photography and a kind review by the mother of the bride herself. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 12.57.20
Ahmed and Zahra

In this Pakistani and Persian fairytale, our team was challenged to bring all different types of genres together.  The first night, the mehendi, was hosted at the Boxboro Regency hotel.  The walima, of which was supposed to be lower key at the Danversport Yacht Club.  However, when you have Boston Sound and Light Company at the helm of the entertainment, you know it's going to be a party.  Check out Christian Pleva's image slideshow from the Danversport Ceremony above.

Kate and Rahim

This two day fusion wedding focuses in on the love between two people, from two different cultures.  Meet Kate and Rahim!  Kate is our gorgeous American bride, and Rahim is our Pakistani prince.  This wedding was one drafted in dreams and put in play by our awesome team, DJ Jay T and Dholi Ravi.  The sangeet night was held overlooking the colonial streets of Boston as the State Room, and the wedding day was hosted at prestigious Fairmont Copley.