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Punjabi Weddings

The founder of BSL, DJ Yogz was originally taught music by his father of whom used to play in a Punjabi Band.  There is no surprise that BSL does so many amazing Punjabi weddings.  Please feel free to check out some of our references below.

The "Wedding Wire" Wedding

One of our proudest "fusion" weddings was that of Sonny and Megan's in Charlottesville, Virginia.   Sonny's family is Have you ever been on that website,   In fact, we have our own reviews of BSL on it.  Check out our reviews here.   What you may not know is that one of the founders of Wedding Wire is in fact the groom from this video, Sonny Ganguly (he is currently the CMO of WW, click here to learn more about the WW team).   While quite a few DJs and vendors pride themselves on amazing reviews, we were picked by Sonny to DJ his wedding among all the DJs he has access to!  Pics from this wedding available here, day 1, day 2.

Sonny and Meg
Sonny and Meg
Sonny and Meg
Sonny and Meg
Sonny and Meg
Sonny and Meg
Sonny and Meg
Michelle and Navjit

While this is a fusion American and Punjabi wedding, you might as well consider this wedding to be all Punjabi, as Michelle had fully embraced the Indian culture in herself and in all of the wedding festivities.  From the traditional Sikh Wedding at the Gudwara where our dhol player rocked the baraat, to hosting the boliyaan, playing jaago, and playing pangra the whole night, check out these pics from Melinda Bulter Photography.

Sushma & Joshua @ Ocean Cliff

BSL had performed Sushma, our gorgeous bride's brother's wedding the year before, and that's when we first met both Joshua and Sushma.  It was almost love at first sight, and we aren't talking between them two, we are talking about the love between us and them.  A couple months after we had met, we scheduled an appointment in our office and Joshua simply made a list of what he envisioned and suggested, "Yogi, just make it happen, we blindly trust you".  And so we did.  Check out these amazing pictures from our friend David Tucker and the celebration at the gorgeous Ocean Cliff. 

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