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Destination Weddings

We understand the excitement of traveling abroad, but sometimes planning an event so far away can be a logistical nightmare. Where to get the speakers from? How many do we need? How will the DJ play during the baraat?  And so while there is never a straight forward answer, our team is well educated in taking the appropriate levels of risk, seeking the right vendors to work with in order to rock your event.

JESAL AND SAMIT - Malaga, Spain

Along with my friends from Binita Patel Photography and Cinematography, BSL was only one of two vendors from Boston who traveled to Spain for this exotic 3 day wedding.  Jesal and Samit, both New Yorkers wanted their wedding to be different!  Well, renting out a villa on a cliff in Malaga, Spain, overlooking the Medditeranean Sea, seeing Morocco from a distance was certainly different. The first night was a welcome party, where even the bride's grandfather jumped into the swimming pool as we played old school Hip Hop music.  The mendhi night was a mix of arabic and Hindi music. And the grand finale.. well you just watch and see!


NISHA AND NICK - Barcelo | Cancun, Mexico

We met our beautiful bride Nisha at a Boston wedding.  She wasn't from New England, but she knew that wherever in the world she would get married, BSL would be right there rocking the festivities.  This 3 day wedding of Nick and Nisha was hosted at the gorgeous Barcelo resorts in Cancun, Mexico.  As this was a mixed wedding, Gujrati and American, so were the festivities.  Day 1 consisted of a "pithi" or a haldi ceremony, which quickly turned into a holi party where everybody jumped into the beach.  Day 2 was the garba under the starry skies of the Carribean, but even though they wanted to refrain from dancing, we turnt up into an all out party.  BSL got things so heated, the last move was for everybody to strip to their under garments and jump into the pool.  INSANE!  Day 3 started with a baraat beachside and the party didn't stop until the last song of the reception.  Check out the amazing pics from #NICKANDNISH below.



PRIYANKA AND USHAN - Hard Rock Resort Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

When an NYC bride, Priyanka and a London groom, Ushan hunts you down and hires a Bostonian as their DJ, the pressure is on.  Of course everybody knows the "who's better" beef between New York and Boston, and there may be some lingering bitterness left between Ol' England and New England, but DJ Yogz and DJ D-Xtreme made sure nothing got in the way of this 4 day celebration of these two at the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  Our sister company, Mint To Be Events planned all of the events, and so you know it was going to be a treat.


The first night was the sangeet, and only minutes into it came a monsoon like rain fall.   It certainly made our day when the groom comes to our DJ booth and suggests that "we literally saved their wedding".   Rain or shine, we had people dancing their tails off!   The second day consisted of two beautiful ceremonies.  The first started off with a baraat that led the bride and groom onto a floating glass stage over an infinity pool for the Hindu ceremony.  We then proceeded to the beach as the sun set for the Bhuddist ceremony.  The last night... Well, just watch the highlight from our friends at IQ Videography from San Francisco below, and you'll get what we are saying...


ASHWINI AND AMRIT - Cancun, Mexico

This 3 day wedding fiesta was soup to nuts, crazy!  The bride, Ashwini, planned the entire event herself, and no detail was spared.  She had personalized itineraries for each vendor, and so it was pretty much up to us to execute her vision. The weekend started off in a shuttle from the airport to the resort.  We shared the shuttle with some of the bride and groom's closest friends, and so that party literally started as soon as we set foot in Mexico. The groom, Amrit personally greeted every guest, whether friend, family or vendor with a hug and a t-shirt as we all arrived. From an amazing mendhi party, to playing Holi after the pithi ceremony, to dancing away under the moon on the beach at the sangeet, to rocking a baraat beach side with a horse the size of a camel, to the ceremony backdrop of the Gulf, to the wedding reception that was almost crashed by 3 other wedding parties!


HIREN AND GRISHMA, The Reception - Punta Cana, Dominican

It is not everyday a girl from London fancies a Southern Boy and his moonshine - but if you know our bride - She's not a shy one! Our beautiful bride, originally from UK and now living in NJ was marrying our handsome groom from Tennessee. For them, giving their family and friends a tropical destination, somewhere that would force minimal stress, and give them an opportunity to enjoy the wedding was essential.  DJ Yogz and DJ D-Xtreme along with sister planning company, planned this entire 4 day festivity.  Lifestream Pictures, amazing video!

Check out the full Mint To Be Events blog of this wedding by clicking here: 

MITALI AND PRITESH - Hard Rock Resorts | Cancun, Mexico

This gorgeous couple, Mitali and Pritesh from Ohio hired DJ Krups from Boston Sound and Light Company for their 2 day extravaganza at the Hard Rock Resort in Cancun, Mexico.  Day 1 started with a garba in an outdoor courtyard until the stars of the Gulf of Mexico.   Krups rocked the baraat with classical and new jams making sure all the family members had their hands up.  The ceremony followed traditional Gujratri rituals and then Krups took over an absolute throwdown for the reception.   You can view the pictures in a slideshow below.  To watch the highlight reel, you must click on the link below. 


Check out the full highlight film here:


Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 2.29.12 PM.png

PAROOL AND DAVID - Hard Rock Resorts | Punta Cana, Dominican

If somebody doesn't confuse our gorgeous bride, Parool as a princess, we are not sure what to tell you.  Parool came to the BSL office inquiring about entertainment services for her wedding in Newport, Rhode Island.  She also wanted to meet Mint To Be Events for the potential of helping plan her wedding.  At the meeting we quickly realized that DJ Yogz and she had gone to the same school together, in the same classes at the same time but never spurned a conversation.  So it was a friendship bound to happen, regardless of time, so much so that within 40 minutes of meeting with us she moved her entire wedding from Newport, RI to the Dominican Republic.

Mint To Be Events sketched the entire wedding within 4 month from the ground up.  Tanvi was the lead designer and planner of the event, from the garba string lighting layout, to the color schema and drapery of the reception.  She even finagled remotely to get various upgrades for Parool.  Shruti and Aarati were our on-day lead planners who made sure no page was unturned.  They even kept everybody at peace as DJ Yogz' plane was late and he arrived just minutes before the start of the sangeet. 

There wasn't much to worry as DJ Jay T was holding down the fort at the Welcome party, which featured an LED Starlit dancefloor under lanterns, and the family danced the first night away to reggae vibes.  The second night was a garba, where Tanvi and Parool designed an alley like feel like weddings in India.  The ceremony was held beach side, and guests hid from the beaming sun with fancy umbrellas.  The reception was an all out masterpiece that Parool and Tanvi designed around the clock.  And for us at Boston Sound and Light Company, we were just in awe to be part of such a beautiful celebration.  


Check out the documentary style highlight reel below from our friends at The Wedding Story USA  


Check out the Mint To Be Events blog of this wedding by clicking here.


SUSHMA AND ASHISH - Moon Palace | Cancun, Mexico

Boston Sound and Light Company was hired for Ashish and Sushma's engagement party in Springfield, Massachusetts.  The engagement party was supposed to end at 11pm, but we rocked it until 4am in the morning.  And so it was no surprise that when they decided to host their wedding in Cancun at the gorgeous Moon Palace, that we were even signed up before we knew it.  DJ Dee, DJ Krups and Dholi Ravi flew down for this 2 day extravaganza.  From mixing it up at the sangeet garba, to the baraat, ceremony and reception, nobody wanted us to stop.  Check out the highlight below.

ELIZABETH AND BLAY - Gaunica, Puerto Rico

Dj Yogz from the BSL team bumped into Liz and Blay at the Hard Rock resort at the Domincan Republic while servicing another event, and the couple became instantly adamant that we DJ their wedding.  In fact, they also hired BSL's sister company to plan the entire thing.  For this destination wedding, we traveled to the untouched Southern part of Puerto Rico where the groom and his family was from.  For us and the bride, of whom is Dominican, this area was untouched an absolutely beautiful.  Their wedding was set at the Copamarina resort.  The feature of this resort is not the resort itself, but if you swam or rafted out in the ocean you end up at "Gilligan's Island".  Just amazing! 

Check out the pictures taken by our main DJ, DJ Dee (sneaking in these amazing photos while having to spin).  And you can read the full Mint To Be Events blog by clicking here. 


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